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Creative Competencies: Self-Awareness

This summary dimension measures the leader’s orientation to ongoing professional and personal development, as well as the degree to which inner self-awareness is expressed through high integrity leadership. It is composed of:
  • Selfless Leader measures the extent to which the leader pursues service over self-interest, where the need for credit and personal ambition is far less important than creating results which serve a common good.
  • Balance measures the leader’s ability to keep a healthy balance between business and family, activity and reflection, work and leisure—the tendency to be self-renewing, and handle the stress of life without losing oneself.
  • Composure measures the leader’s ability, in the midst of conflict and high-tension situations, to remain composed and centered, and to maintain a calm, focused perspective.
  • Personal Learner measures the degree to which the leader demonstrates a strong and active interest in learning, personal and professional growth. It measures the extent to which s/he actively and reflectively pursues growing in self-awareness, wisdom, knowledge and insight.
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