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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did you come up with the particular leadership competencies you measure?

Extensive research of the major streams of leadership and psychology literature over the last century. There is broad agreement on the stance and the competencies that give rise to effective leadership.

Is the Leadership Circle Profile statistically valid?

Yes. Extensive psychometric analysis over a six-year period has gone into the development of the Leadership Circle Profile. It is statistically valid in every way that validity is measured.

Can we use this profile as part of our performance appraisal process?

No. The Leadership Circle Profile is designed to catalyze developmental learning. Because this tool measures internal beliefs structures, and therefore produces more powerful and vulnerable information, treating the results confidentially is of highest priority. Furthermore, the Leadership Circle Profile measures leadership abilities and is not designed to measure the kind of on-the-job performance that is tracked in a performance review process. We do recommend that the participating manager seek-out feedback about their results and that he/she include what they have been learning from the Profile in conversations with the boss.

If I’m going to have my entire management team complete Leadership Circle Profiles on each other, won’t we overload each of us with requests for feedback?

Each profile takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. If you have 10 members of your team requesting feedback, you will spend a little over three hours completing the profiles. For busy people, this is a lot of time. To help with this we have designed the survey taking process whereby, if you do not have time to finish at one sitting, you can come back and pick up where you left off. This allows maximum flexibility in completing profiles. Providing good feedback is one of a manager’s most important jobs. Leadership Circle Profile helps you do this well.

Will you tell me who gave me what scores?

No. The feedback provided is completely confidential. We take this very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that we do not report-out scores from any breakout group if less than 3 people provide data. There is only one exception—your boss. Your boss’s job is to develop you, and giving feedback is part of that responsibility. You will receive feedback directly from your boss and anyone you specify as your bosses boss. All other scores will be reported as group averages and you will not know who said what.-

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