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Reactive Tendencies: Complying

This summary dimension measures the extent to which a leader gets a sense of self-worth and security by complying with the expectations of others rather than acting on what s/he intends and wants. It is composed of:
  • Conservative measures the extent to which the leader thinks and acts conservatively, follows procedure, and lives within the prescribed rules of the organization with which s/he is associated.
  • Pleasing measures the leader’s need to seek others’ support and approval in order to feel secure and worthwhile as a person. People with strong needs for approval tend to base their degree of self-worth on their ability to gain others’ favor and confirmation.
  • Belonging measures the leader’s need to conform, follow the rules, and meet the expectations of those in authority. It measures the extent to which s/he goes along to get along, thereby, compressing the full extent of his/her creative power into culturally acceptable boxes.
  • Passive measures the degree to which the leader gives away his/her power to others and to circumstances outside his/her control. It is a measure of the extent to which s/he believes that s/he is not the creator of his/her life experience, that his/her efforts do not make much difference, and that s/he lacks the power to create the future s/he wants.
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