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Reactive Tendencies: Controlling

This summary dimension measures the extent to which the leader establishes a sense of personal worth through task accomplishment and personal achievement. It is composed of:
  • Perfect is a measure of the leader’s need to attain flawless results and perform to extremely high standards in order to feel secure and worthwhile as a person. Worth and security is equated with being perfect, performing constantly at heroic levels, and succeeding beyond all expectations.
  • Driven is a measure of the extent to which the leader is in overdrive. It is a measure of his/her belief that worth and security is tied to accomplishing a great deal through hard work. It measures his/her need to perform at a very high level in order to feel worthwhile as a person. A good work ethic is a strength of this style, provided that the leader keeps things in balance and is able to balance helping others achieve with his/her own achievement.
  • Ambition measures the extent to which the leader needs to get ahead, move up in the organization, and be better than others. Ambition is a powerful motivator. This scale assesses if that motivation is positive—furthering progress—or negative—overly self-centered and competitive.
  • Autocratic measures the leader’s tendency to be forceful, aggressive and controlling. It measures the extent to which s/he equates self-worth and security to being powerful, in control, strong, dominant, invulnerable, or on top. Worth is measured through comparison, that is having more income, achieving a higher position, being seen as a most/more valuable contributor, gaining credit, or being promoted.
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