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Summary Dimensions

The following additional dimensions are intended to bring everything together. They summarize all of the above into four useful measures.

Reactive-Creative Scale

Reflects the degree of balance between the creative dimensions and the reactive dimensions. The percentile score here gives the leader a sense of how s/he compares to other leaders with respect to the amount of energy s/he puts into reactive versus creative behavior. It suggests the degree to which his/her leadership, relationships and goal oriented behavior come out of a creative or reactive orientation. It also suggests the degree to which his/her self-concept and inner motivation come from within or are determined by external expectations, rules, or conditions.

Relationship-Task Balance

Measures the degree of balance between the achievement competencies and the relationship competencies. Good balance results in high percentile scores.

Leadership Potential Utilization

Is a bottom-line measure. It looks at all the dimensions measured above and compares that overall score to other leaders who have taken this survey. It sorts through all the high and low scores to answer the question, “So, in the end, how am I doing?”

Leadership Effectiveness

Measures the leader’s overall effectiveness. It is an outcome research scale and has been shown to be solidly correlated to business outcomes. It gives the leader an overall measure of how all of the above is translating into perceived effectiveness.

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