While the results of the Leadership Circle Profile™ are shown on the Universal Model of Leadership (UML), the reality is it is much more. The UML integrates the best theory and research on leadership development available today. The science behind it magnifies why leaders do what they do and how they can transform. When your leaders transform, so does your organization. This translates into better results and a measurable impact for your business and life.

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The Universal Model of Leadership integrated the Leadership field. The UML is the preeminent model of leadership practice and research based. Leadership is no longer the most studied and least understood topic, we know what great leadership looks like and how to develop it. The UML encompasses all of this in the model.

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Effective leaders give your business a strategic, competitive advantage. Organizations that commit to cultivating more effective leadership, practiced with discipline and creativity, find themselves attaining and sustaining high levels of business performance.

Our model is used to engage organizations in systemic leadership development, involving the entire organization to improve leadership skills by utilizing a common leadership language and practice.

Improve your effectiveness, and in turn, improve your business results.


The Bottom 10 Percent of Performing Businesses Score In The 30 Percentile For Leadership Effectiveness


75 Percent of Leaders Globally Operate From a Reactive, N0n-Scalable Mindset


The Top 10 Percent of Highest Performing Businesses Score 80 Percent For Leadership Effectiveness

“Pixar is a creative company that has made it a priority to constantly re-examine itself, but even in a company like ours, certain leadership impediments can become impossible to see, and detrimental calcification can set in. As a consultant to me, Bill Adams has been an astonishingly quick study who was able to identify leadership issues and put me on a constructive path to remedy them. Bill's ability to see complex problems and help me generate gettable, actionable solutions has been both remarkable and pivotal in allowing us to bring a fresh leadership reset to a company in its 30th year. Bill and his partner Bob have captured the essence of the wisdom and the tools they bring to helping leaders in Scaling Leadership. I cannot recommend the book strongly enough—especially if you think you don't need it!”

Jim MorrisPresident, Pixar Animation Studios

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