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The Journey Begins

Leadership skills and habits do not blossom overnight; they need to be supported and nourished with tried and true programs that enable mangers to grow. The Authentic Leader Workshop is a three-day leader development intensive experience. Designed for leaders and managers, and for consultants/coaches who work with leaders and lead their own organizations, this workshop has been utilized for years for deep leadership and organization development.

This workshop consistently produces significant shifts in the effectiveness and impact of leaders and their teams. It shifts the mindset of leaders from being skilled and knowledgeable Reactors to marketplace and organizational problems to primary Creators or contributors to the possibilities these conditions present. This profound shift in consciousness makes substantial changes possible in work performance, team relationships, earning potential, and culture—often for the first time.

In-House Options

An in-house Authentic Leader Workshop can be delivered to your organization—for teams, groups, and individuals—at a location and on dates of your choice. Contact us for an in-house program. Read more

Authentic Leader for Business Leaders and Managers

Leadership is an inside-outside game. How we think about things impacts what we do about them. All too often we get busy doing things and lose track of the thinking that runs the show. Our thinking—the inner operating system—goes unexamined and can take on a life of its own. This workshop sheds light on this inner life and its immediate impact on performance. Leaders gain significant insights about how they lead and how, with small shifts, they can alter the way they lead. This program helps leadership teams translate these changes into plans that yield greater performance, better relationships, enhanced resiliency, and a capacity to stay true to results that matter. Especially when it’s not easy. Leaders frequently report that Authentic Leader is the most valuable educational experience of their careers.


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