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Success requires a fertile flow of input and the willingness to think beyond our own assumptions. The Leadership Circle prides itself not only on its access to best practices but also on the talent of its people. The company is thriving under the guidance and leadership of some of the brightest minds and most experienced executives in business, including a Board of Advisors who bring valuable input and divergent perspectives to the content of our tools and technology, the form and manner in which we communicate, and the way we do business.

Leadership Team

Core to the success of any growing business, the management team makes all the difference.
William (Bill) Adams, CEO Bill loves people and is passionate about relationships, leadership and business.He is a serial entrepreneur who has started, owned and sold multiple businesses. As one of the founders of Full Circle Group, a premier leadership consulting firm, and the CEO of Full Circle Group and The Leadership Circle®, Bill brings thirty years of experience to his clients – the CEOs of major Fortune 500 corporations, non-profits and private equity start-ups.
Bob Anderson Bob Anderson, Director, Chairman & Chief Development Officer “Leadership is a process of transformation where a leader makes a profound shift—to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, the world, and their relationship to others. This deeper, longer term work is what our Leadership Circle Profile brings to the table, what The Leadership Circle stands for, and this is the kind of work we invite organizations to experience.”
bleatherman-grayscale-90 Betsy Leatherman, President “Every company looking to lead the market must have strong leaders inside making courageous choices and decisions and inspiring that in everyone they serve.  The Leadership Circle assessment and the associated coaching, tools and consulting provide direction and acceleration to the natural process of leader development.”
Nathan Delahunty Nathan Delahunty, COO, CFO & Partner Nate integrates his passion for the language of business – numbers and financials – with the strategic goals, objectives and vision of the Full Circle Group organization. As a Partner, COO and CFO of FCG, Nate works closely with the executive team to ensure the business objectives are being met. He spends his days breaking down barriers that otherwise prevent the fluid flow of business.
Michael OConnor Michael O’Connor, Vice President of Business Development “I have been in the field of leadership development for over 25 years. The Leadership Circle has had a greater professional impact on me than anything else. It has also been “life changing” with my personal goals as well, as I finally have a useful perspective on what I am doing that stands in my own way. I am privileged to support our clients in their use of The Leadership Circle systems and tools.”
Jonathan Hulsh Jonathan Hulsh, Vice President Sales and Business Development “I joined The Leadership Circle after conducting in-depth research in leadership development. After meeting with and surveying some of the most successful and respected consultants and coaches in the field, I saw that the Leadership Circle Profile and support technologies are a quantum leap ahead of the rest.”
Cindy Adams Cindy Adams, Partner Cindy dedicates her practice to helping leaders achieve outcomes that matter – both professionally and personally. Her success has been built upon proven practices and methodologies to achieve leadership effectiveness, define and align strategic direction, meaningfully engage employees and stakeholders, and create a culture actively focused on contribution and results. Time and time again, she has acted as an expert architect of sustainable, large-scale transformation.

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