Evolving The Conscious Practice of Leadership

Our Global Presence

On A Mission

We exist to evolve the conscious practice of leadership,
to steward the planet, and awaken us all to our inherent unity.

The world needs leaders of greater effectiveness and integrity, mastery and maturity, courage and compassion, competence and character, consciousness, and wisdom.  We need those leaders now. Not only is complexity outpacing the development of effective and consciously competent leaders, but the world is right in the midst of a leadership crisis.

Most of the approaches to leadership are inadequate.  They are episodic and discontinuous. They focus on individuals versus collective leaders to bring impact to an organization.  They are, oftentimes, too superficial, lacking the depth required for a genuine breakthrough. The Leadership Circle, the tools, the methodology, the consulting approach integrate the otherwise fragmented field of leadership development.

The Universal Model of Leadership is the unifying theory changing the leadership development field by leveraging the collective impact of research in leadership, human, and spiritual development to the benefit of leaders around the globe.

We have over 10,000 certified practitioners across the globe seeking to bring the model to leaders to improve their effectiveness and ability to deal with volatility, complexity, and ambiguity.  Those practitioners support 200,000 leaders all working to actively improve their leadership by gathering feedback from 3.5 million raters. With two award-winning books, Mastering Leadership and Scaling Leadership published to share the knowledge and bring to as many people as possible, Leadership Circle is actively changing the face of the Leadership Development world.

Our Consultancy

We serve multinational organizations with an established business platform connecting our worldwide resources. Our consultants are experienced in our instruments and systems, highly knowledgeable about a variety of leadership theories, methodologies, and models.

We are North America based and staffed on six continents and the Middle East.

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Our Assessments

The first leadership assessment and development system to integrate competency and capability to evolve consciousness. Our transformational development assessments are created for both collective and individual leadership. We offer breakthrough tools and support technologies used by Executive Coaches, Consultants, HR/OD/OE Professionals, Educators, Therapists, and others. Our Leadership Circle Community works together to steward the planet by evolving leadership around the globe.

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LEADTech - Going Virtual

We’ve teamed up with Adeption, “The Leadership Coach in your pocket” – to launch our new LeadTech platform. Our platform is the latest in online, asynchronous coaching for individuals and teams. Leadership development is ongoing, together with Adeption, we’ve made it sustainable.

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