Leadership In Practice

Success requires a fertile flow of input and the willingness to think beyond our own assumptions. The Leadership Circle prides itself not only on its access to best practices but also on the talent of its people.

Meet Our Team

We are a passionate group of individuals, united in the cause of raising the conscious practice of leadership world-wide. Find out more about us below.

Bill Adams


Bill loves people and is passionate about relationships, leadership, and business. He is a serial entrepreneur who has started, owned and sold multiple businesses. As one of the founders of Full Circle Group, a premier leadership consulting firm, and the CEO of Full Circle Group, North America and The Leadership Circle, Bill brings thirty years of experience to his clients – the CEOs of major Fortune 500 corporations, non-profits, and private equity start-ups. In addition, Bill recently co- authored Mastering Leadership, An Integrated Framework for Breakthrough Performance and Extraordinary Business Results. As a trusted advisor, teacher, consultant, and coach, he works with CEOs and top teams in fulfilling the promise of leadership.

Bob Anderson

Chairman of the Board

Bob has dedicated his career to exploring the intersections between leadership and personal mastery, and between competence and consciousness. The creator and author of The Leadership Circle Profile, an integrated and innovative leadership assessment tool, Bob is a true pioneer in the field of leadership development and research. As the founder of The Leadership Circle, and co-founder of Full Circle Group, Bob lends his expertise to developing practitioners around the globe to carry on the powerful work derived from the tools and offerings these two companies provide to leaders.

Betsy Leatherman

Global President

Betsy brings deep passion and high energy to helping Full Circle Group’s clients develop their leadership strength and connect with their customers and communities in ways they had not previously thought possible. In her role as President of FCG, Betsy derives great pleasure from hearing what our customers have to say and translating that into meaningful recommendations and action. She is a driving force behind helping our clients become market leaders by developing their executives to be able to make courageous choices and decisions that inspire and engage the members of the organizations they lead.

Cindy Adams


Cindy has dedicated her practice to helping leaders achieve outcomes that matter, make a distinct difference, and create sustainable results – both professionally and personally. In her role as a Partner at Full Circle Group, Cindy combines her finely-honed understanding of leadership development, organizational behavior and change, adult stage development, and organizational systems to guide leaders, their teams, and their organizations to achieve desired and required results.

Adelle Richards


Since the first Certification in Sydney in July 2008, it has been Adelle’s delight to have played a pivotal role in bringing The Leadership Circle and Full Circle Group to the Asia Pacific region. Adelle’s strength is in being able to move from strategy into action. Another strength is to know and understand the macro and micro operational systems in order to achieve operational excellence. What she finds deeply motivating is connecting to and being in service of the ever-growing global TLC Community of Certified Practitioners, their clients, and the FCG client base.

Padraig O'Sullivan

President - Asia Pacific

Padraig’s reputation as a leading international business coach has been established with more than twelve years leadership and coaching experience encompassing Australia, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. He is labeled “one of Asia’s top leadership experts.” Harnessing solid, global business acumen and entrepreneurial thinking, Padraig exhibits and delivers the critical understanding, character, expertise, and hands-on strategies to ensure clients achieve their transition and transformation goals.

David Spach

President - North America

Executives who work with David find themselves leading more effectively. They gain a business advantage by better applying time, energy, and organizational resources. David helps leaders build on their natural strengths, overcome situational barriers, accelerate their development, and lead through complexity. He’s particularly experienced with challenging business transformations – the kind that require leaders and organizations to adapt.

Paul Byrne

President - Europe

Paul excels at working with organizations in high-growth entrepreneurial environments, as well as large global companies seeking to foster cultures of innovation and operational agility. Having run businesses in the US, Europe, and Asia, Paul brings a global context and on-the-ground experience leading multinational teams. As a leadership consultant, Paul has coached executive teams at organizations such as: Microsoft, Rolls Royce, RWE AG, Booz&Co, Motorolla, Cisco, IBM, Accenture, Heineken, nPower, Gartner, Cargill, and Huawei. He blends a systemic approach to organizational change with a unique ability to engage senior leaders in deeply transformational conversations.

Steve Athey


Steve combines a profound curiosity about life with a deep belief in the inherent potential of people. With an integrated approach to long term development he specializes in helping executives and their teams reach their full performance potential. As a master coach, Steve is committed to helping his clients maximize not only their contribution, but their personal experience of leadership.

Roma Gaster


Roma is passionate about making a difference so that others can do the same. For more than 30 years, she has developed a reputation of helping clients work on the human side of business alongside their strategic context and, in so doing, generating results beyond expectations. Roma’s impact has been described as transformational at various levels – organizational, cultural, leadership, both collective and individual.

Dave Schrader


Dave is a seasoned leadership development consultant with more than 25 years of experience supporting mid-level and senior leaders as they increase the quality of their engagement where it counts the most for strategic success.

Carl Benscoter

SVP of Sales

Carl holds the strong belief that the catalyst to market impact provided by Full Circle Group and The Leadership Circle stems from the depth of knowledge we acquire about our clients. The more we learn about their business objectives and challenges, the better we can impact their leaders’ ability to achieve their goals and meet those challenges. Carl has more than thirty-five years of experience with client-focused approaches; the last fifteen years have been dedicated to talent management and leadership development.

Mike O'Connor

VP of Business Development

Mike O’Connor is in the business of change. He brings more than 25 years of experience in supporting client organizations and has been a trusted advisor to dynamic leaders who are committed to making a difference. Mike activates leaders to create effective, impactful, and powerful business and leadership results. He is committed to and passionate about helping people realize and maximize their full potential. Throughout his career, Mike has held numerous roles, including: Training and Development Manager, Executive Coach, Instructional Designer, Team Facilitator, and Consultant and Business Development Manager. He also has more than 20 years of experience as a Senior Consultant for Development Dimensions International (DDI). At The Leadership Circle, Mike has worked with mid to senior leaders as an executive coach and developer for companies to include Leadership Circle Certification, and has been involved in the certification of more than 1000 LCP certified coaches.

John Tanner


John has 35 years of professional technology experience. He served as the Global CIO for the world’s largest international marketing company with 159 offices over the globe for over 9 years.  He also founded and sold a very successful network engineering technology company.  He understands business from the startup to the global international footprint, and how technology empowers it.

Aaronde Creighton

VP of Consulting Services

 Aaronde S. Creighton is the Vice-President, Consulting Services for The Full Circle Group. In this role, he leads our team of consultants and coaches, ensuring that the delivery of our services to clients meets the high expectations that the industry has come to expect from FCG. Aaronde has coached professionals and served as a consultant in a variety of industries including telecom, technology, medical, healthcare, hospitality, education, consumer goods and services, and non-profit organizations. He has worked with numerous teams to facilitate effective team and organization communication, trust and capacity building, helping those teams grow and advance toward the achievement of a unified mission. 

Amy Felix-Reese

SVP of Client Services

As a coach and leadership consultant, Amy Felix-Reese brings almost 30 years of practical leadership and team system experience to her clients. She works with executives to engage a full-system approach through awareness, clarity, alignment, and conscious choice as they navigate the complexities of leadership. Her approach has produced highly productive leaders and sustainable business performance. Amy excels at coaching intact leadership teams who are in transition, stuck, or wanting to ‘up their game’ to thrive. Her training and experience help teams move from closed, protective conversations to co-creative, expansive results. She works with individual leaders and the teams they serve to deepen their grounding and scale leadership through the organization.

Jonathan Hulsh

VP of Business Development

Since the founding of The Leadership Circle in 2003, Jonathan is the first point of contact for practitioners investigating the company’s assessments and certifications in North America. With more than 30 years of experience in consulting, he is well acquainted with the challenges facing internal and external coaches/consultants, and HR/OD professionals. “As an advocate, my goal is to help guide the practitioner to make choices that yield optimal results for their clients and for their practice.” Jonathan is also the architect of the annual plan for rolling out certifications to a growing community of skilled practitioners.

Nicolai Tillisch

Executive Director – Middle East, North Africa, and India

Nicolai helps ambitious people fulfill their aspirations. He is an entrepreneur who has started two businesses of his own and has been an executive at three highly people-intensive startups after starting his career as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company. Nicolai’s focus at The Leadership Circle is growing the general activities in the Middle East, North Africa, and India, and he is also serving a couple of global organizations based elsewhere. His client work includes corporate boards, top management teams, and interventions with larger groups of executives. Nicolai authored the local bestselling book Effective Business in the Gulf — Mastering Leadership Skills for Greater Success and has given guest lectures at INSEAD and HEC Paris.

Ida Tillisch

Chief Operating Officer-Middle East, North Africa, and India

Ida’s focus at The Leadership Circle is to make the operation in the Middle East, North Africa, and India effective and efficient. Ida has held several executive positions at other organizations, with the most recent being Director General at World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in the United Arab Emirates, where she is still an advisor to her successor. Her current activities include marketing and partnering.